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We have yet to meet a tax resolution firm that was not open to solutions that help them get more conversions out of their leads.  Any lead generated for tax resolution including but not limited to radio, tv, paid search, email, text message and direct mail produces a lead with a phone that may be followed up with effectively using our RVM Solution. Otherwise known as Ringless Voicemail, our RVM Solution drops emails on prospects with a message and return number.  The result is a fresh sales opportunity on a call back or a response to the request for information pertinent to their file.

For those tax firms that understand that the marketing landscape has changed with internet form leads and want to employ strategies that allow them to work leads more efficiently and cost effectively, our standalone Ringless Voicemail Delivery Solution for tax leads is a great platform and a must have. If in the event your Ringless Voicemal campaign with us requires additional tax leads, there will always be an opportunity for you to pick those up from us.  Give RVM a chance to significantly impact your lead penetration and sales.  You will be grateful that you did.

In today’s fast paced world, ringless voicemail helps tax firms increase the contact rate on their leads with a natural evolution of increased sales.  This RVM delivery solution for tax firms proves day in and day out to be a valuable tool allowing participating firms to get the most they can out of each and every lead.


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