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It is no longer enough in marketing and advertising to be visible on Google, Bing and alternative search engines.  It is not good enough when in addition to being found organically through SEO combined with using paid ads on those search engines.  68% of the US population is on Facebook.  There are 105 million active monthly Instagram users and 77.4 million active monthly Pinterest users.  At, we believe tax resolution firms cannot ignore the benefits of social media. These social media platforms represent a massive pool of active monthly users who may currently or at some point need help with their back taxes.  They offer firms marketng tax resolution the ability to cast a wider net.

At, we believe in the ability of social media marketing to create product awareness, achieve brand recognition, build community, establish trust, engage past current, and prospective clients, make human connections, reveal your authentic company message and voice while increasing website traffic and sales. offers custom social media campaigns for tax resolution firms.  These marketing plans are geared towards larger companies with big budgets and the ability to see through a growth process.  Those firms looking for a cost per call type of marketing are not a good candidate for our social media marketing platform.  We access a network of social media experts that include the best online ad designers and social media experts to put together effective social media campaigns.  We actively manage large campaigns helping companies achieve product awareness, brand recognition, engaging content and increased sales.  All of what we do is monitored and tracked so that in real time, tax firms know where their budget is going.

At, we believe advertisers need to go where the people are.  Building communities and connecting with human beings who have used your service, currently, are using your service, and could potentially use your service, is a powerful marketing strategy. If you don’t use a social media campaign, your competitors will and are.  We believe social marketing campaigns are essential to competing for business in the modern world.

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