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At, we sit on a mountain of TCPA compliant data for tax resolution.  This strategic advantage allows us to deploy email offers for tax resolution that produce form fill leads in real time to deliver to sales organizations.  Email leads are a high quality, responsive lead that is another great way to deliver consumers looking for help with federal back taxes to companies offering tax resolution services.

Email leads come from ads and creatives that target consumers that have over $10k in federal back taxes and looking for help resolving the debts.  They are delivered in real time to tax resolution firms.  Fields include first name, last name, phone number, email and debt amount.  We send leads to lead management systems and CRM’s like a best practice.  When there is no lead management system, we offer a complimentary, basic lead management portal and tool that helps firms avoid the unreliability of email for lead delivery.  As we always do, encourages clients to get to their leads as fast as they can for optimal results.

Email leads are quality leads for tax resolution that holds tremendous potential for firms looking to grow their sales organizations and drive down marketing costs.

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