Native Advertising Marketing Campaigns for Tax

At, we believe that a diverse marketing strategy for tax resolution is worthy of attention. Market saturation on platforms has companies looking for new and innovative ways to improve existing campaigns on social media and search engines as well as finding new frontiers to expose their services to consumers where there is less competition for the business. Native Advertising is a solution with great potential.

What is native advertising? Native Advertising is a custom branded advertising campaign where ads are placed on numerous publishing sites not limited to search engines and social media platforms where the ads are consistent with the form and feel of the website content it is housed in. What Native Ads effectively solve is the problem of intrusive and obnoxious ad display with a layout that does not interfere with the viewing of content as intended. The ads become a part of the foundation for a user experience that is valuable to the consumer.

Results are showing that unobtrusive native ads give the advertiser credibility and favorability with reach potential for audiences at scale. There is a tremendous opportunity for growth with this marketing strategy in a pond that has not been overfished.

At, we work with a network of publishing platforms, media buyers and creatives to help build profitable campaigns and increased brand exposure. Over time and with optimization, we expect custom-branded native ad campaigns to help increase conversion while reducing cost per client acquisition for companies in the tax resolution industry. A native ads strategy presents incredible opportunities for growth that we believe cannot be ignored.

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