Telemarketing Campaigns for Tax

At, we leverage a network of international and domestic call center partnerships to deliver leads and appointments to tax resolution firms.  Our call center partners handle custom campaigns that include answering overflow/after hour sales calls, lead verification, branded live transfer campaigns and appointment setting.

As with any custom campaign, there is set up and training for members of the telemarketing staff.  IT representatives take care of all of the logistical set up while reps go through an intensive training on scripting prior to beginning the telemarketing campaign.  Leads are delivered as live hand-off calls and/or appointments that are delivered to a CRM of your choosing.

Each inbound transfer and/or appointment is tracked through a platform.  There are logged and recorded calls housed in the portal.  Access details are provided to management of the tax resolution firm.  Managers find tremendous success using the platform to review sales scripting and as a tool to identify opportunities to support reps with a second voice.  It is an effective training portal when used in these ways.  We find that companies that embrace the tracking portal as a tool for lead management, sales training  and identifying missed sales opportunites, enjoy higher degress of success wiith their telemarketing campaigns.

Firms that use us for custom telemarketing campaigns, understand this is a process. Call volume and effectiveness builds over time as we test and tweak elements of scripting.  For those who value custom branding, the telemarketing campaigns are a great way to establish name recognition in the marketplace and enjoy a productive lead generation strategy.  You want to grow your tax firms and we are able to facilitate custom campaigns that work to support your efforts to increase productivity and expand.

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