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PPC leads are internet leads delivered in real time based on pay per click responses to ads based on keyword searches.  Consumers use search engines to find tax resolution services and respond to ads that offer help in settling federal back taxes.  Some people call this the gold standard of internet leads for the tax resolution because each lead is representative of a consumer who has issues with back taxes and is actively looking for help resolving them.  It is important to note that PPC leads generated online come from responses on a single offer.  What you get is a highly, interested prospect for tax resolution with a strong sense of urgency to resolve their issues.

Each lead comes with lead id, date, timestamp, first name, last name, tax debt amount and email.  We typically deliver PPC leads to a lead management system or CRM belonging to end users.  This ensures timely delivery free of the disruptions normally associated with email and varying internet reliability and speed.  The goal is to get to the real-time PPC leads as fast as you can for the highest conversions possible and delivering to a lead management system is the best way to ensure that sales reps are getting to their leads in a manner conducive to effectively working the leads.  When a CRM is not available, TaxLeads.com may also deliver those leads to a basic portal we set up for tax resolution firms to work their new sales opportunities.

PPC leads are a strong component of an effective marketing strategy for tax resolution firms.  They represent a high-quality lead with incredibly responsive consumers who need help with back taxes. It does not get any better than that!

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