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Survey leads to tax resolution are a budget-friendly, real-time internet lead that allows for volume purchases and large outbound calling operations. They are TCPA Compliant and produced on a multi-offer platform where one of the questions asked relates to federal back taxes. The two-part single question for tax resolution asks, “Do you have $10k or more in federal back taxes and may we contact you”?

When the answer to the question above is yes, an internet lead is developed in real time. At, we know of no better way to develop a high volume of real-time leads for tax resolution than the survey lead. The survey question goes up and a high volume of responders lights up dialing operations and sales floors.

Survey leads are cost-effective and stretch the budget for leads. They are not to be confused with a higher quality internet lead and are to be considered a volume play for those groups with sophisticated dialing systems and follow up procedures.

With survey leads, fields include first name, last name, lead id, time stamp, date stamp, physical address, phone, and email. They offer the unique opportunity for tax resolution firms that have the capability of rolling up their sleeves and grinding it out to close sales while lowering client per acquisition costs.

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