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At, we recognize the reliability, success, and cost-effectiveness in email marketing campaigns for tax resolution. Average rates of return on email in the marketplace demonstrate that email market campaigns are simply not just an option, but a must do strategy for any firm serious about branding, cultivating target audiences and capitalizing on missed opportunities. It is undeniable that when it comes to business, consumers prefer the less invasive practice of emailing. Email is the best direct communication method to a firm’s target audience with the ability to keep potential customers engaged as potential buyers of your service over time. The numbers tell us that email marketing is an effective way to generate leads, do follow-ups, send newsletters, promote services and build relationships with something of value to consumers.

We assist tax resolution firms with custom branded tax email marketing campaigns tapping into our network of emailers, data hygienists and creatives to produce marketing strategies custom tailored to fit the needs of each tax resolution firm we work with. The Email Marketing campaign is a tremendous sales lead generator. Employing simple and clear messages with a frequency and timing that does not put off your target audience is key to putting the consumer first and building trust by avoiding the perception of spam. With a subtle call to action on our tax resolution email campaigns, we effectively create a sense of urgency our email marketing campaigns influence clicks and call-ins by potential new customers.

Tax resolution firms are using Facebook, Google, social media, direct mail, and traditional media to develop real-time tax leads. As with all lead generation strategies, not every prospect tax resolution companies talk to convert to leads right away. The list of people that slip through the cracks is best monetized by building relationships with them through email. Whether you are working with your own data or partnering with our seasoned data specialists, the accompanying tax email marketing campaign is the best way to cultivate opportunities and convert them into clicks, subscriptions, leads, and sales. We have partnered with the best email providers in the country to offer cost-effective tax email campaigns that custom brand, increase engagement, build trust and grow sales.

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