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Relying on a vast network of internet lead publishers and emailers, we develop email verified leads for tax resolution firms.  Email verified tax leads begin with an internet response that includes personal contact information and debt amount.  Our email partners then reach out to internet responders indicating $10k or more in federal back taxes and needing help offering them the opportunity to set an appointment.  Once the appointment is set, the lead is sent to tax resolution firms to follow up and enroll in their programs.

Email verified leads have the added benefit of leads with a double opt-in and appointment set.  These leads come with higher quality and less expense compared to inbound calls from your  radio, television and direct mail campaigns.  Email verified leads take the guesswork out of when to reach out to someone and they are effective at keeping tax resolution sales staffs organized and efficient.

Each lead comes with a first name, last name, phone number, email and debt amount.  Firms using email verified leads in tax resolution are reporting strong sales conversion and happy sales reps.

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