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At we believe that success in the tax resolution business is greatly dependent on quality data. Whether you are phoning, texting, emailing or mailing, a good targeted data set is vitally important. We offer several different types of targeted data to the tax industry.

We offer fresh and aged tax lien data from public record sources to the tax industry for direct mail and outbound phone campaigns. It may be filtered for IRS Tax Lien Amounts, the state the debtor resides in and the recency of the lien filing. Many firms count on tax lien targeted data for their campaigns.

Aged Leads are another category we offer to the tax industry. We aggregate our aged internet leads developed by our partnering industry publishers offering leads in the tax space. This opt-in targeted data allows for filtration by State with the assumption that everyone who has responded has at least $10k or more in federal tax debt. There are newly aged leads and aged leads that have a little more seasoning to them. The added benefit of aged leads for the tax is the email address and cell phone numbers making possible email campaigns, ringless voicemail campaigns and text campaigns to be deployed for the tax firms we service.

Both tax lien data and aggregated files of aged tax internet leads work to develop new sales opportunities in direct mail, phone, text and email marketing strategies.

Aged Internet Data

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