Support Desk

How long have you offered leads and marketing campaigns in the tax resolution and related services industries? is a group of consultants dedicated to the tax resolution space that have combined four decades of experience in the lead industry that now focus solely on tax.

What are your hours of operation?

At we operate from 7 am to 5 pm PST Monday-Friday. It is not uncommon for us to field and return calls outside of hours and on Saturdays. Our goal is to help tax firms get the most they can out of their marketing campaigns and lead solutions with a company dedicated to their successes.

How do I buy leads?

We have a saying around here at of “Let’s start with a conversation”. We believe in finding out as much about your business and needs as we can so that the advice we offer you is real. Some leads and/or campaigns may be a better fit for you based on sales staff size, budget, the immediacy of need, CRM capabilities, existing marketing tools and previous experiences with leads. When we have open conversations about where your business is at today and where you hope to be, we can best assess how to impact your marketing and sales.

What forms of payment do you accept? has an invoice process. When you have decided on which data, leads or campaign is are most suitable for your organization, we will send an invoice. The invoice will require an electronic signature and comes with both a payment link for major credit cards and banking information for wires. A signed invoice is required to begin the boarding process for campaign creation and lead delivery.

How long will it take to get my data?

As a general rule, we take 48 hours from the time we receive both your payment and signed invoice on the order to commence delivering.

How do I receive my data?

When purchasing data, you will receive a link from to our delivery portal that allows you to download your data. The will look like this: This link is good for 30 days only. Once beyond that date, you will not be able to download the file and there will be nothing we can do.

When will my direct mail go out?

There are definitive strategies for getting the mail to land in mailboxes at the preferred start of a new week. As a general rule, and to keep mail in an organized and fluid process, we need orders processed on Tuesday so there is enough time to acquire and ready the data as well as schedule the drop to leave on Thursday. From time to time we may choose to make an exception to this policy as a courtesy to the clients we serve but will try to keep within the boundaries of our process.

When will I get my calls?

At, we believe in starting campaigns on Mondays. To facilitate the set-up process, which includes onboarding, tracking portal set up and testing, we require payment and signed invoice to be in on Friday so we may begin on Monday.  This gives our tech group the ability to focus on getting your campaign ready over the weekend and not be interrupted by their daily responsibilities. We have found this alleviates mistakes that lead to campaign delay.  This policy is all about valuing our relationship and starting out on the right foot.

Do you offer returns on calls that are bad?

At we operate on the basis of fairness and do everything we can to help our clients succeed.  Some of the calls we offer for tax resolution have a return policy and at times we offer calls on a cost basis that are raw and do not come with a return policy.  Our live transfers often come with a qualification buffer of 60 seconds. So long as this policy is not abused, we will offer the return policy with a detailed description of the qualifiers on the invoice.  Sometimes the live transfers have a return policy strictly based on the qualifiers and no buffer. Your lead consultant will be able to clarify what the return policy is on your call orders with a detailed explanation in the terms on your invoice.

When will I start getting my internet leads?

Internet leads come with a bit more work to facilitate the setup.  Typically, we are asked to send internet leads to a tax client’s CRM or Dialer which takes a little time.  It also requires a test post verified for successful receipt of the lead showing all fields correctly. When a client does not have a CRM, we will set up a basic console that allows receipt and dispositioning of leads. We require signed invoice and payment in on Wednesday to begin on Monday.  This process once again helps us to be in a clean process that ensures a successful beginning to the campaign.

What is the policy for a bad internet lead?

Our network of publishers for tax resolution internet leads use the most advanced verification system and technology available. While we can’t perfectly guarantee that a few leads won’t slip through that are bogus, we can say that the numbers are remarkably low. Let’s define what a bad internet lead. defines “a bad lead” as a fake name or a lead in which both phone number and email are disconnected or wrong. For those lead,s we will offer credit. Internet leads credited will not exceed 10 percent of the order quantity threshold.

What if my data does not perform well?

While we cannot guarantee performance on our lien data, modeled data or aged internet data for tax resolution, will take a look at situations on a case by case basis when results are outside of the norm or full of anomalies. Although we have no specific return policy, is committed to providing the best possible data solutions for your organization with the belief that when used effectively will create results that you can be happy with.

When does my campaign start?

Our tax marketing campaigns where leads are not sold on a cost per lead basis must be understood as a process.  Each campaign involves some level of creative, actors, media buying, set up, deployment, tracking, and optimization.  There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Talk to your sales consultant about specific campaigns and lead times to set up and get moving.