Partnership Opportunities

At, we value partnerships.  Below you will find the various ways to partner with us that offer additional revenue opportunities to your business.

Traffic Partners

At we partner with a variety of publishers, emailers, social media experts, television and radio media buyers, google ad word specialists, direct mail houses, call centers and appointment setting groups to serve the tax industry.  We are always looking for new relationships and fresh approaches to developing high quality leads for the industry.  Call us if you believe you can enhance our data,lead and custom campaign offerings in a way that is mutually beneficial and lucrative. If you value business relationships that produce new revenue streams and profitability, we are excited to talk with you on becoming a traffic partner.

Technology Partners

Technology is a key component of the services we offer at  Understanding that technology, software, and marketing tools are the key to evolving and best serving the tax firms we work with, is always on the hunt for new technologies, innovative solutions, and software that enhances our offerings in the tax resolution space.  If you believe you have the technology, software, tools, and apps that you feel we would benefit from, we would love to hear from you.

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List Partners

At, we understand that data is the life’s blood of the businesses we serve. We look for list providers on a rev share basis that recognize the opportunity to squeeze additional revenue streams out of aggregated data. We also actively engage companies that offer data hygiene, modeling, and enhancements.   If you have a list you think might be a good fit for monetization on a revenue share in the tax space or are a company that brings expertise in cleaning up data and making it better, we would like to speak with you.

Consulting Partners

At, we value relationships.  We are currently developing relationships with CPA’s, Tax Preparers, Mortgage Brokers and companies offering debt related financial services that tie into the tax resolution service with a pathway to revenue shares and/or becoming an affiliate that offers the service.  If you are a professional in these fields and other related financial service categories, give us a call to see if we can develop an affiliate arrangement that adds a revenue stream to your business model.

Referral Partners

Our goal at is to provide the best leads we can to the clients we serve.  In many cases, professionals in related financial service fields touch clients that may be in need of tax preparation and/or tax resolution.  We look for referral partners that can identify and provide opportunities to service those clients on a revenue sharing basis.  In some cases, we may even be able to set up your office with an affiliate agreement that allows you to offer tax resolution to your clients.

Investment Partners is a part of a group of expanding brands in the tax industry looking for ways to better serve the consumers and businesses seeking tax help.  In furtherance of working to enhance both the services we offer to companies providing tax help, we actively seek strategic business partners and investment partners.  If you believe that you would be a valuable strategic partner or have an interest in becoming an investor, give us a call.  We would like to talk to you.

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