Paid Search Marketing Campaigns for Tax

At, we believe one of the quickest and fastest ways to facilitate a return on investment for tax resolution firms is paid search.  Leveraging all the major search engines advertising platforms, we help sales organizations buy online media that produces impressions, clicks, and conversions to sales.  We partner with some of the industry’s experts to customize and position companies at the top.

While paid search campaigns are known to stir up opportunities quickly, our programs are best suited for tax firms with a decent sized budget. Our paid search aficionados work closely with our advertising firms to produce effective ads and keywords to produce consumers actively looking for the tax resolution service  They also assist with landing page creatives when needed to produce attractive pages that convert to form fills or inbound calls.

One of the most amazing and undeniable benefits of a paid search campaign for tax resolution is the ability to track the numbers of people seeing the ad, clicking on the ad, and becoming a lead from ad to landing page. You just can’t get that kind of tracking detail with other marketing and advertising campaigns like you can with search campaigns.  We all know how lazy salespeople can get and how difficult it is to get them to ask every lead and inbound call to tell them where they heard about the company.  On top of that, those campaigns will require a sales rep note in a CRM where the lead came from.  The search campaign tracking system solves that problem.

Paid search campaigns are quick and effective.  At the experience of our advertising partners shortcuts the effectiveness curves to deliver results as fast as possible.  Quick set up and immediate sales activity that are perfectly measurable and tracked highlight a snapshot of the power of paid search campaigns.  Secondary to sales opportunities created by these custom campaigns is the brand recognition that happens with consistent marketing efforts on search as a result of high placement on the search engines for keywords.  Companies that intend to be here for the short and long haul would have to consider search campaigns as a part of their marketing strategies.

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