Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns for Tax

Direct mail campaigns for tax resolution are known to deliver one of the best and most responsive inbound prospect calls in marketing. The conversion rates are phenomenal!  On the surface, a direct mail campaign for tax seems so straight forward when in fact there are strategies with mailer types, data and delivery timing that should all be taken into consideration.  There are huge opportunities to create brand recognition while receiving a high quality inbound call from mail.  It pays to be thoughtful when putting together a direct mail campaign and understand all of the options available.

At, we utilize a network of mail houses nationally to offer a full suite of services to craft direct mail campaigns to each business we serve. In the ever-changing marketing and advertising world, custom direct mail marketing campaigns are a vital component of establishing a name in the field of tax resolution and branding the company.

Mail house services for custom direct mail marketing campaigns include letter creation, envelope creation, ad copy, printing, mailing, ring to numbers, personal URLs, and tracking. We also do handwritten letter campaigns and/or handwritten envelopes as a service for tax resolution marketing campaigns. First class, PMOD, and standard class are delivery options available that may be chosen.

With direct mail marketing campaigns for tax, it is important to focus on the end goal. At we recommend a 6-week commitment to direct mail to fully realize the potential for response and conversion. With direct mail campaigns, there is a building process that leads to residual call volume. Mail drops produce an initial response producing inbound calls. Lagging responses pile up on successive mail drops which work to increase call volume and fill in the gaps between weekly mail drops.

The goal is to develop a consistent flow of inbound sales opportunities with your tax resolution direct mail campaigns. Most of our groups start with a couple of first-class mail deliveries to ignite calls and then scale back to PMOD and standard class after that. Direct mail is a proven strategy to develop high-quality inbound calls and should be a part of the marketing mix for tax firms looking to capture the market and grow.

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