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Phone verified tax leads come from the suite of verified appointment lead products.  Using networks of publishers and call centers, we develop super high-quality appointment leads from internet leads that are verified by phone for an appointment date and time before sending to tax resolution firms.  Phone verified leads are double opt-in sales opportunities that go a long way in helping sales floors organize their days knowing who they need to follow up with and at what time.  These leads eliminate the waiting for calls and waiting for internet leads scenarios that drive sales and management crazy.

Since phone verified leads verify pertinent information provided on internet form fills and offer tax resolution firms a specific time and date to follow up, there is strong conversion to sales that is unparalleled in the marketplace.  Leads are precious and there is little time to waste.  Phone verified leads go a long way to help firms to maximize leads and time.

Just like internet leads, phone verified leads are delivered to a CRM when the appointment is set.  Information will include first name, last name, phone number, email, appointment date and appointment time.  This is just one more way is making it easier for tax resolution firms to enroll clients and work productively.

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