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OTT stands for Over The Top or Programmatic Marketing built around tv streaming services.OTT campaigns are marketing strategies that you are going to hear more and more about as consumer choice pushes tv viewership further away from cable and satellite with streaming devices and services.  Ease of use, convenience and cost are driving people to stream the programs they want when they want them on free and paid channels.  Using companies like Roku, Chrome Cast, Apple TV, and others, tv viewers are finding watching movies and programs on their own terms and this should have the attention of advertisers.

At TaxLeads.com, we are aware of the potential of OTT marketing campaigns for tax resolution firms.  With 193 million people in the United States using some sort of streaming tv, device or application to watch their favorite programs, we see tremendous potential for advertising.  Projected yearly growth for this marketing channel is expected to grow 30% with more and more households ditching the dish and cutting the cable cords. Video-streaming is transmitted via the internet in such a way that goes around the traditional distribution of television, cable, and satellite giving customers more options than ever before.

At TaxLeads.com, we partner with a network of agencies offering OTT advertising campaigns that are at the top of their field.  This includes advanced prospect targeting using 100’s of public record databases, media buying, video ad creation, ad deployment, and tracking.  This highly targeted strategy offers the ability to deliver personalized ads to consumers with a higher probability of interacting with your content and being nudged along the way to making a purchase of your tax resolution service. Due to the binge-watching normally associated with streaming services we have found that ads have a higher engagement.  This means that more consumers are paying attention to the ad and responding to the offer of tax help by calling in on an 800 number or going to a website to check the company out further.  Through IP Tracking of consumers that are streaming, ads may also be targeted to people that have viewed the tax resolution service before.  Relevant targeting includes filters for age, gender, ethnicity, education level and even down to a specific zip code if desired.

As you can see there are many possibilities with OTT campaigns.  This is a new horizon for TV marketing that will help tax resolution firms reach people looking for help getting taxes filed up to date and any taxes owed settled.  OTT campaigns require larger budgets and a commitment to a process that sees the building and optimization of the tax resolution campaign.  If you are one of those firms, OTT campaigns are a great place to be and TaxLeads.com will guide you with our network of Video Ad Creators and Media Buyers to develop a custom branded OTT campaign that is sure to reach engaged audiences to produce inbound sales opportunities, website visits, form fills and brand recognition.

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