Radio Marketing Campaigns for Tax works with a network of radio media buyers to help tax resolution firms grow their sales with custom branded radio campaigns. Radio campaigns are geared towards larger firms with a good-sized budget. Custom radio is not to be confused with tax radio leads on a cost per call basis.

Firms doing custom campaigns through our media partners understand the value of custom branding. They also see value in building a unique campaign and differentiating themselves in the marketplace. Custom radio is a building process and should be looked at as a long-term project.

Our radio partners buy and place media. That media may be purchased in prime-time hours nationally and/or after hours with remnant media. Behind the scenes, they monitor the effectiveness and timing of the media placement to ensure optimal results. When necessary, media buying and the timing of media placement are tweaked to enhance the campaign’s effectiveness. They work closely with tax firm management to create an ad that follows best practices for higher responses and meets the approval of the company.

Each call in on a custom radio campaign for tax firms is logged and recorded by a tracking platform that comes with a username and password access. This portal, when used effectively, has shown the ability to increase sales. Managers are able to review lead volume and listen to lead quality.

Recordings simultaneously help managers review and hold sales reps accountable for company scripting as well as to identify potential customers where a rep might benefit from a second voice on a proposed deal. With this organized system, managers are able to review the day and know exactly how things are going on the sales floor with leads in real time. Radio campaigns are a great way to custom brand tax firms and deliver one of the best inbound calls on the market.

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