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Our targeted data offering includes tax lien data for telemarketing and direct mail-driven marketing campaigns. offers tax lien data in a couple of different tiers. Tax Lien data can be purchased on a fresh basis and a more seasoned basis with prices reflecting the differences. Some marketing in the tax resolution space believes that there is the greatest competition with the liens filed most recently. Others believe that getting to the debtor that has received a tax lien first is most effective and important.

Whichever camp you find yourself in, there is a data set for you. Tax Lien Data may be appended for phones with DNC scrubbing if you are doing telemarketing campaigns. Standard filters include $10k or above federal tax liens, lien filing date and state with phone and cell phone enhancements available. When using data for mail campaigns, we are happy to do NCOA database scrubs to support your mail deliverability. If working with a previous list, we are happy to take data provided by you to suppress out any records you may already have so that you don’t needlessly spend on data and/or mail again to someone you have already closed.

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